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N95 Mask

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Product structure: Products include mask body, nose clip and ear mask. The body of the mask has 4 layers forming: The outer layer is a 2s blue non-woven fabric, weighing 25g / m2, 175mm long; The second layer is antibacterial fabric 55%, weight 25g / m2, 175mm long; The third layer is 99% antibacterial paper, weighing 25g / m2, 175mm long; The innermost layer is a 195mm white non-woven fabric measuring 25g / m2 and the outer layer is a polypropylene nonwoven fabric, the middle layer is polypropylene antibacterial paper. The nose clip is made of PVC, which is soft, easy to bend. Mask strap is made of elastic material, good elasticity.

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Vietpower Group's premium medical masks are manufactured using antibacterial technology with 4 layers to prevent bacteria and dust from entering and prevent dangerous respiratory diseases.
- In particular, the fabric layer of Vietpower 4-layer medical mask helps to filter the air, is waterproof, so it is very safe, does not cause skin irritation.
- The nose restraint on the mask is easy to shape, helps to fix the mask for the user and creates a tightness, embraces the whole face, minimizing the ingress of dust.
- The mask strap is made of a sturdy, elastic material, good elasticity, feels comfortable to use. Therefore, Vietpower masks are used effectively when traveling on the road or working in hospitals in hazardous industrial environments.



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